The PermaEdge Bunker System is rapidly being introduced and adopted across the US.  Our objective is to highlight important installations that showcase the various design styles capable with this solution.

Scottsdale Course, Bella Vista - Bentonville, AR

Bella Vista wanted to introduce Scottish-style bunkers to golfers in Arkansas and they turned to the PermaEdge Bunker System.  During his travels abroad as GCSAA President in 2014, Keith Ihms, director of golf course maintenance at Bella Vista, became a fan of revetted bunkers and wanted to incorporate the traditional bunker style to golfers there.  But stacked turf doesn't last in hot, humid summers in Arkansas and elsewhere throughout the United States.  Golf course architect David Welchel is a member at Bella Vista and has consulted with Ihms on the project.

The design intent was to bring a subtle aesthetic to bunkers that were essentially removed or grassed-in due to maintenance.  The reveal is approximately 18-24" on the high side, while the low side of the bunker is level to the sand grade.  This allows the bunkers to be very playable yet have an appealing, traditional look, without being too steep or tall.

The Greenbrier Resort - White Sulphur Springs, WV

Currently under construction, the Meadows and Greenbrier courses are being renovated, improved, and reworked as a part of their long-term master plan.  After the terrible storms and flooding that occurred prior to the 2016 Greenbrier Classic, the facility is busy making upgrades and improvements to two of the courses in this luxury complex.  One important upgrade is the re-design of the bunkering on the Meadows course, adding new, revetted style bunkers using the PermaEdge Bunker System.

Beginning in July of 2016, the facility started work significantly redesigning both courses, with new routing, new holes, and new features.  The decision to add revetted bunkers on the Meadows course has been to make the course more visually appealing, more exciting to play, and more differentiated across the rest of the courses at The Greenbrier.

Secession GC - Beaufort, SC

An old fashioned club in the traditional sense of the word, Secession GC , designed by Bruce Devlin brings the Scottish Links to the South Carolina marshes. True to links heritage, the course features revetted style bunkers, which in the hot climate require intensive maintenance.

Step in Tom Pearson, an experienced golf course architect who worked with Jack Nicklaus for many years. Tom became familiar with and impressed by the PermaEdge construction method when working with Richard Allen on the Trump National, Jupiter project in the summer of 2013. Through his acquaintance with Secession GC Superintendent, Mark Mitchell, Tom recommended PermaEdge and a chain of events was put in motion, which led to a meeting with Secession Director of Golf, Mike Harmon.

Surprisingly, Southerndown was the venue for the meeting, where Mike narrowly missed qualifying for the 2014 British Seniors Open at Royal Porthcawl. Mike was very impressed with the product and a decision was made to build two PermaEdge at Secession as a pilot project to assess member reaction.

In June 2015 following the successful trial, work commenced at Secession to re build all of their 44 bunkers in a three month period. This ambitious project demanded over 6800 sq feet of PermaEdge face, installed in the heat of the Carolina summer at a rate of nearly 120 sq feet per day. Planning is critical and PermaEdge worked closely with Superintendent Mark Mitchell from the earliest stages, assisting with design and measurement, construction team selection and programming deliveries.

Mark Mitchell and his team at Secession recognized the value that full time and expert on site supervision can bring. By employing PermaEdge's Project Manager, the club could rely on superb quality control, efficient organisation and high team motivation. Only PermaEdge can supply this level of expert synthetic bunker construction and supervision. The effort was well worthwhile: With two thirds of the project complete (27th July 2015), The Project Manager and his hard working team were 1 week ahead of schedule, and the final project is set to be completed well under budget.

Medalist - Hobe Sound, FL

Designed by Pete Dye and Greg Norman, The Medalist opened in 1995, famously hosting a keen contest between the top two players in the world at the time, Norman himself and the reigning Open Champion Nick Price.

Cut through pine forest on the coastal sand belt at Hobe Sound, Florida, the course had a distinctly links like feel, with influences from courses such as Royal Melbourne and pine strewn sand waste areas reminiscent of Pine Valley. Medalist quickly built a reputation as an enjoyable but stern test, and many of the world’s best players including Woods, Johnson and Fowler have chosen it as their home base.

However, even the best golf courses occasionally need a refresh. It was thought in recent years that the course had lost some of the original distinct characteristics that set it apart from many neighbouring courses. President, Mr Mudd took the bold decision to invest in a major full course restoration, selecting the highly respected, innovative practice of Bobby Weed Golf Design to design and oversee the work. Mr Weed spent his early years with Pete Dye, and is selective on his projects, spending sufficient time on site during construction, ensuring that the all-important finer details are delivered by the contractor. This combination of relevant experience and a commitment to detail were very important to Mr Mudd.

Bunkers were a critical part of the restoration. Many of the original links style bunkers, and sharp edges had been lost over the years; victims of the demanding Florida climate. There seemed little point in restoring using exactly the same original techniques, which would undoubtedly soon suffer from erosion. The solution lay with PermaEdge. Having seen the synthetic bunkers at nearby Trump National (many of which were built by PermaEdge's Richard Allen), Bobby Weed and his assistant Chris Monti selected PermaEdge as the solution for providing the steep revet style green edges and links style pot bunkers.

The project completed in November 2015, and these photographs give a flavour of the major scale of the restoration as it was in early July 2015 and the new PermaEdge synthetic golf bunkers at Medalist.

We frequently are engaged in multiple, current projects that have not been referenced in the summaries above.  Don't hesitate to contact us regarding updated information on recent or current projects that may benefit you and your project.