The PermaEdge Bunker System has been adopted by courses across US for the last several years.  Where design requirements demand, it's been implemented in a variety of settings and styles with fantastic results.  Some courses choose course wide use where others select showcase or greenside bunkers for use.  Our objective is to highlight recent installations that showcase the various design styles capable with this solution.

Goat Hill Park - Oceanside, CA

Originally built in 1952, Goat Hill Park boasts a rich history for the local golf scene.  The years took it's toll on the course and city management left it vacant until recent years.  Managed by a new team led by John Ashworth of LinkSoul fame, the course is now on a new path.  With many recent improvements, the course is gaining great popularity and respect.   

During the winter of 2021, our team went to Oceanside, CA and spent a week training the maintenance staff on the skills of building the PermaEdge method.  We tackled several holes where old bunkers had broken down and needed a facelift.  The energy from staff was tremendous as they worked hard on the project and delivered great results.  The following week, newly signed LinkSoul PGA golfer Bubba Watson was there in attempt to break the course record.  John Ashworth answered our request to get a fun shot of Bubba playing from one of the new bunkers.                                                                     

The Baths of Blackwolf Run -  Kohler, WI

Ready for a June 2021 opening, the newly created short game practice area is a beautiful design by Chris Lutzke, 30-year veteran of golf course design and Pete Dye protégé.  The concept really delivers, with a multitude of bunkers framing the target areas, terraced bunkers, small bunkers, and large irregular shapes.  A real succes, fitting tightly in a previously un-used area.

Located on 27 acres between the first and 11th holes of the Meadow Valleys course at Blackwolf Run, the Baths will complement Kohler’s existing courses with a highly adaptable golf experience for newbies and seasoned players alike. Though the course will typically play as a 10-hole layout, an inventive routing will allow for three, six or 12-hole loops as well.

Raspberry Falls GC - Leesburg, VA

Two years ago, our training team went to Northern Virginia to provide education and advice for Superintendent Steve Cohoo's bunker renovation requirements.  The task at that time was to address a greenside bunker maintenance challenge on Hole #1.  The decision was made to reinterpret the one large bunker into two separate bunkers and incorporate the PermaEdge Bunker System.

Serving as evaluation bunkers, the two reworked bunkers delivered the results that were expected.  A course-wide effort begins Spring 2021, with MacDonald & Sons as contractor. We'll be showing up again to provide advice and counsel in the bunker building process.  Can't wait for the results!

Rockland Country Club - Sparkill, NY

In the spring of 2020, Rockland CC gave the go ahead to build some accent bunkers on their course.  A fantastic course outside of NYC, Superintendent Matt Ceplo  invited us up to lead the process.  During the COVID challenge, everyone involved worked hard, stayed safe, and delivered some great results.

Although there are no current plans for additional PermaEdge Bunkers for the course, the two that were built put some teeth into the bunkers that guard the green.  Golfer going for the green off the tee will have much to contend with now. 

Concession Golf Club - Bradenton, FL

The Summer of 2019 was a busy one for the staff at The Concession, in Bradenton,FL. Chris Cochran, a former Jack Nicklaus protégé was tapped to design the new short game area and he delivered. The design included the PermaEdge Bunker System on a number of holes, including a bunker on an island green. For the remaining bunkers, Cochran specified Sandtrapper Bunker Liners, which have been on the main 18th hole course for over 15 years.

Following the recent trend, the new par-3 area and huge practice green add an additional feature to an already great facility. With holes copying styles from many great courses, the short game area was opened in 2020. The celebrated practice facility has been ranked by Golf Digest among the nation’s 75 Best Practice Areas. The dual-ended driving range has 10 practice targets and numerous bunkers for players to hone their game. The short-game facilities, including three fast, firm practice greens, replicate conditions on the course and are among the best in the world.

Tiburon Golf Club - Naples, FL

The well-known club in Naples, FL leans on revetted bunker styles as a part of the Norman design concept .  Several years ago, the PermaEdge Bunker System, with its structural soil and cantilever contruction method was the perfect choice to improve bunkers on the course.  In what turned into a two-year effort, the bunkers have never looked better.

Eagle Oaks Golf & Country Club - Farmingdale, NJ

As an evaluation effort, the course chose to re-work several bunkers on their 18th hole using the PermaEdge method.  Greenside bunkers were re-interpreted slightly and changed from grass faced to stacked turf.  As a part of other renovation work around the course, Motin Golf was trained in the PermaEdge method and delivered a very fine result. 

Scottsdale Course, Bella Vista - Bentonville, AR

One of the very early PermaEdge projects,  Bella Vista wanted to introduce Scottish-style bunkers to golfers in Arkansas and they turned to the PermaEdge Bunker System. During his travels abroad as GCSAA President in 2014, Keith Ihms, director of golf course maintenance at Bella Vista, became a fan of revetted bunkers and wanted to incorporate the traditional bunker style to golfers there. But stacked turf doesn't last in hot, humid summers in Arkansas and elsewhere throughout the United States.

Golf course architect David Welchel is a member at Bella Vista and has consulted with Ihms on the project. The design intent was to bring a subtle aesthetic to bunkers that were essentially removed or grassed-in due to maintenance. The reveal is approximately 18-24" on the high side, while the low side of the bunker is level to the sand grade. This allows the bunkers to be very playable yet have an appealing, traditional look, without being too steep or tall.

We frequently are engaged in multiple, current projects that have not been referenced in the summaries above.  Don't hesitate to contact us regarding updated information on recent or current projects that may benefit you and your project.